Working with your Timesheet

This topic guides you in viewing and updating your timesheet. Examples are shown for a typical Wurk employee on the desktop application.The user experience is very similar on the mobile application, so this guide can be used for either.

If you are an hourly employee and simply clock in or out, your company may not have enabled this feature for you.

Working with timesheets gives a more detailed view of your time entry and is designed for the desktop application.

Menu items and on-screen options may vary depending on your configuration and Security Profile.


Finding Your Timesheet

1.  After logging into your company Wurk app, click the “hamburger menu” in the upper left corner to open the Main Menu.

2.  From My Info, expand My Time>Timesheet and select Timesheet. This opens your current timesheet for time entry.

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  • Click Historical Timesheets from the Main menu to see your submitted, processed timesheets.

Entering Your Hours

3.  You can enter start and end times for shifts on your timesheet. You may have the ability, depending on your permissions and settings, to charge your hours to different Departments (Cost Centers). You can SAVE your changes or SUBMIT your timesheet for processing.

Clicking Change Request (if enabled) allows you to modify clock-in and clock-out times on a submitted timesheet and send the change for approval. You can see your change requests from the Main Menu under My Time>Timesheet>Change Requests.

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