Viewing Your W2

This topic guides you in viewing and downloading your W2 form electronically in Wurk.

To access your forms in Wurk, you must provide Electronic Consent.

Check Your To Dos! Your HR department may prompt you to submit a form if it is needed (or expiring) in an announcement when you log on to Wurk and/or in your My To Dos inbox. This is an easy way to see everything needing your attention. To learn more about W2s (and the difference from W4s), we recommend that you contact your HR department and research online (for example, see this guide).


1.  From the main menu, search for W2s or navigate to My Info>My HR>Forms>Government Forms>W2s. For each year you worked for your current employer, you will see a row with your W2 information. These values are calculated based on your tax withholding, deductions, and pay over that year.

2.  Click the icon next to the year for which you need the W2 form to DOWNLOAD PDF and save the file to your computer or tablet. From there, you can print your W2 for your taxes, etc.

Pay special attention to Box 12 of the new form (visible on the PDF download or by adding or removing columns in the view). This contains miscellaneous additional compensation and benefits that are especially common in the cannabis industry. For more information, see this guide.