Clock in and Clock Out

You can clock in and out in several ways depending on your company equipment and configuration.

Whether you are hourly or salary, Clocking In shows that you are at work. If you are hourly, this is how you log you hours worked and accumulate them on a timesheet so you get paid.

Hourly employees typically use the Clock In and Clock Out buttons on the homepage (or if your company has InTouch® Clocks, then you do this from those kiosks or wall units).
Salaried employees may or may not be required to punch in; if your company does not require you to punch in, you may not see the Clock In and Out widgets in Wurk. Additionally, you may want to also work with your timesheets; many companies on Wurk require salaried employees to still fill out and submit a timesheet for record-keeping. If unsure, please check with your manager.

Also, note that your company may have set up different a way for you to clock in and out on a shared device, such as a wall-mounted kiosk or tablet (or simply a special link to the Web Clock from the Wurk welcome email), or an InTouch® clock.

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