Submitting and Viewing Your I9

These instructions guide you in submitting and viewing your I9 form in Wurk. Examples are shown for the web application of Wurk. System behavior on the mobile application is very similar, so this guide can be used for either.

You should have already added your I9 during the onboarding process as part of an Onboarding (New Hire) Checklist, which contains the information and forms you need to complete for HR as a new hire. If you need to submit a new form (outside of the Onboarding process) or view your submitted form(s), follow the instructions below. Typically, you would only need to submit a new I9 if your current one is expiring.

Menu items and on-screen options may vary depending on your configuration and Security Profile.

Check Your To Dos! Your HR department may prompt you to submit a form if it is needed (or expiring) in an announcement when you log on to Wurk and/or in your My To Dos inbox. This is an easy way to see everything needing your attention.


Viewing Your I-9 Forms

1.  From the Main Menu, click My Info>My HR>Forms>Government Forms>I9s. The screen to the right lists your current I9 form(s). From here, you can click on one to view it or ADD NEW.A screenshot of a computer 
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Submitting an I-9

2.  From the My I9s screen, click ADD NEW, confirm that you want to Create I9, and then complete and SUBMIT I9.

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For required fields that do not apply to you, enter “N/A," or the form can't be submitted.

You can DOWNLOAD PDF to view the form offline. You can also VIEW INSTRUCTIONS for more guidance from the IRS.

3.  You will then be prompted to draw your signature with your cursor. Click I Agree to proceed.

4.  Once complete, your I9 will show in the list of forms on the My I9s screen (shown in Step 1). 

Your HR department or manager will be notified that you have submitted the new form.