Filtering Lists & Reports

When filtering list views or reports, you can use boolean expressions in the filter  field.

Filter Definitions

Boolean ExpressionDefinitionExample
=Entry is exactly thisThe entry equals 11/30/16
!=Entry is not thisThe entry does not equal 11/30/16
starts withEntry starts withEntry starts with abc
not starts withEntry does not start withEntry does not start with abc
likeEntry is likeEntry contains abc
not likeEntry is not likeEntry does not contain abc
<Entries are less thanThe entry is before 11/30/16
>Entries are greater thanThe entry is after 11/30/16
<=Entries are not less thanThe entry is before or on 11/30/16
>=Entries are not greater thanThe entry is on or after 11/30/16
is nullEntries that are blankThe entry is blank
is not nullEntries that are not blankThe entry has been filled in
InEntries that includeThe entry includes 11/30/16
not inEntries that do not includeThe entry does not include 11/30/16
betweenEntries between two valuesThis only applies to numerical date values and cannot be used with alphabetical values